Where to Find Shanghai’s 2021 Michelin Bib Gourmand Winners!

Want to Eat Cheaply in Shanghai? Try these 2021 Shanghai Bib Gourmand Winners

Looking for Michelin Guide-worthy dining on a budget? The 2021 Bib Gourmand winners represent some of the city’s best casual dining on a budget. With street food stalls rapidly disappearing as the city makes way for new developments, these winners are a great place to start your culinary adventure in Shanghai.
‘Bibs’ are awarded for simple yet skillful cooking for under US$30 – not exactly the cheapest option, but we’re talking Michelin standards here. Many on the list below are much cheaper, and we’ve indicated some of our favorite, truly value eats with ** around the name.
To go behind the scenes of Shanghai’s food scenes, hop on a 3-hour guided food tour of the city’s best hidden gems and authentic mom-and-pop shops in old neighborhoods and back alleys. Our Shanghai food tours give you the confidence to eat and order authentic cuisine that is Michelin-star worthy – at least in flavor! 

2021 Shanghai Bib Gourmand Award Winners

**Denotes UnTour Special Recommendation**

**A Niang Mian**

This Ningbo-style hole in the wall restaurant is famous for its homestyle seafood noodles. During hairy crab season (late fall-early winter), the crab roe noodles in soup are a must order, but their yellow croaker noodles are good year round. Both dishes come served in a delicate broth made from the fish’s spine that is good to the last drop. Finding a stool during peak mealtimes can be hard and the cafeteria style seating means you’ll probably knock elbows with your neighbors, but the mhural on the back wall instructs you to “Eat Granny’s noodles until your mouth cramps from happiness” and it’s excellent advice.

English Address: 36 Sinan Road
Chinese Address: 思南路36-2号
More info.
+86 2153066604
Not required

**Da Hu Chun**

A member of the exalted group of China’s “Time-Honored Brands”, Da Hu Chun was one of the originating vendors of the shengjian (fried) dumpling back in the 1930s. A true hole-in-the-wall dumpling shop that is worth a stop.
English Address: 136 Middle Sichuan Road
Chinese Address: 四川中路136号, 近广东路
More info.
+86 2163130155
Not possible

Four Seasons

While the decor isn’t strikingly Cantonese, the preparation of the meat, veggies and seafood is. The restaurant is known for its crispy duck and lobster with ginger and scallion.
English Address: Shop 605, 6F Crystal Galleria, 68 Yuyuan Road 
Chinese Address: 愚园路68号晶品购物广场6楼, 近常德路
More info.
+86 2162875001


A vegetarian restaurant that opened its doors in 1922, it’s known for using mushroom and soy products to make surprisingly convincing renditions of eel, chicken, and other meats.
English Address: 455 West Nanjing Road 
Chinese Address: 南京西路441号,近成都北路
More info.
+86 2163270218

**Haijinzi Restaurant**

Haijinzi has a modest design and only 8 tables, but the traditional Shanghainese dishes keep locals coming back for more. Try the braised duck, yellow croaker, and scallion pork chop.
English Address: 240 Jinxian Road 
Chinese Address: 进贤路240号,近陕西南路
More info.
+86 21 62550371
Not possible
hai jinzi, shanghai, restaurant

**Haosheng Restaurant**

Haosheng offers home-style Shanghainese fare, with a twist – the chef chooses the menu for you, based on budget, allergies, personal preferences, and what’s fresh.
English Address: 156 Guangyuan Road
Chinese Address: 广元路156号近天平路
More info.
+86 13621741821

**Old Jesse Restaurant**

There’s a reason this is one of the most recommended restaurants in China: it’s the best darn Shanghainese in town. Avoid the “New” Jesses around town – they’re not nearly as good. And make sure to call ahead about the “secret” dishes (see “more info” below) – although most of them are listed on the menu, they require pre-ordering several days in advance.
English Address: 41 Tianping Road
Chinese Address: 天平路41号近淮海中路
More info.
+86 216289260
Reservations: Required

Lanting Restaurant

Lanting is a small, tidy spot for traditional cuisine, all the more popular for its reasonable prices and well-done dishes.
English Address: 107 Songshan Road
Chinese Address: 嵩山路107号
Phone: +86 2153069650
Reservations: Not possible

**Lanxin Restaurant**

This is a standout in a collection of good restaurants on Jinxian Road. The building used to be a residence, an element that adds pleasantly to the homely feel of the Shanghai cuisine on offer.
English Address: 130 Jinxian Road
Chinese Address: 进贤路130号,近茂名南路
Phone: +86 2162533554
Reservations: Not possible

Lu Bo Lang

Built in Ming Dynasty style, this Chinese pavilion excels in Dim sum. Also worth checking out are the osmanthus flower pudding, turnip pastry, and ‘eyebrow’ cake.
English Address: 115 Yuyuan Old Street, City God Temple
Chinese Address:豫园路115号(城隍庙九曲桥)
Phone: +86 2163280602
Reservations: Required

**Maolong Restaurant**

Look for the eye-catching blue sign on Jinxian Road for a spot with Shanghainese home-style dishes. Seafood dishes are the main fare, but the braised pork is a note of pride.
English Address: 134 Jinxian Road
Chinese Address: 进贤路134号,近茂名南路
Phone: +86 2162561167
Reservations: Not possible

Mi Thai

Mi Thai is split in to two rooms, one, an open kitchen, and the other, a restaurant with an attractive timbered ceiling. The Thai chefs keep the classics well-prepared and well-stocked, from tom yum soup to green curry.
English Address: 195 An Fu Road, 2F
Chinese Address:安福路195号2楼, 近乌鲁木齐路
Phone: +86 2154039209
Reservations: Required

Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant

This brand started near the City God Temple and has since expanded internationally. Better to skip the takeout queue and enjoy dumplings on the second floor seating area.
English Address: 85 Yuyuan Old Street, City God Temple
Chinese Address: 豫园路85号,近九曲桥
Phone: +86 2163554206
Reservations: Not possible


Don’t be perplexed if certain items on the menu seem strangely familiar – this all-day dining bistro in Xintiandi is from Paul Pairet of Ultraviolet and Mr & Mrs Bund fame.
English Address: 181 Taicang Road
Chinese Address: 太仓路181号
Phone: +86 21 63339897.

**Rong Cuisine 荣小馆**

A spin-off of Xin Rong Ji, targeting a younger audience at a lower price range. Service may not be as formal and refined as its pricier sister, but is still pleasant and friendly.
English Address: 128 Taicang Road
Chinese Address: 太仓路128号
Phone: +86 21 62066177.

**Rongshu Noodle Soup with Yellow Croaker 荣叔黄鱼面**

Xin Rong Ji is famous for its exclusive source of yellow croakers – this is a spin-off from the brand specialising in handmade noodles in the same rich milky fish broth, but priced a bit more wallet-friendly.
English Address: 688 West Nanjing Road
Chinese Address: 南京西路688号
Phone: +86 21 52799719.

The Tandoor

A staple institution for Shanghai’s Indian food, the restaurant has a Silk Road-feel, ample daylight, and attentive service. English Address: 59 Maoming South Road
Chinese Address: 茂名路59号, 近淮海路
Phone: +86 2164725494 
Reservations: Required

Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop (IFC) 正斗粥面专家 (Pudong)

The Tasty group is a Hong Kong staple, and the branch in IFC does not disappoint. They’re best know for the Hong Kong style congee, wonton noodles, and affordable prices.
English Address: L3-9, Shanghai IFC Mall, 8 Century Avenue
Chinese Address:世纪大道8号上海国际金融中心L3楼9室
Phone: +86 2150123998 
Reservations: Not possible

Yangzhou Restaurant 扬州饭店 (Fujian Zhong Lu)

The three floors of this senior member of Shanghai cuisine has been serving Huaiyang cuisine for years. It’s a busy scene, but worth a visit for its second floor city views, shredded bean curd in soup, pork ball, and braised carp.
English Address: 345 Middle Fujian Road
Chinese Address: 福建中路345号
Phone: +86 2163225266
Reservations: Required

Ye Olde Station 上海老站

Although this restaurant is worth a visit for its historical significance alone, customers return for its consistently satisfying Shanghai cuisine. Both the braised fish and stewed sea cucumber with shrimp and fish roe are highly praised.
English Address: 201 North Caoxi Road
Chinese Address:漕溪北路201号, 近肇嘉浜路
Phone: +86 2164272233 
Reservations: Required

Yong Fu Mini 甬府小鲜

Although this restaurant is worth a visit for its historical significance alone, customers return for its consistently satisfying Shanghai cuisine. Both the braised fish and stewed sea cucumber with shrimp and fish roe are highly praised.
English Address: 201 North Caoxi Road
Chinese Address:漕溪北路201号, 近肇嘉浜路
Phone: +86 2164272233 
Reservations: Required

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