World Jianbing Day


What is World Jianbing Day?

World Jianbing Day, which falls every year on April 30, has a goal to spread the love of jianbing around the world and celebrate its many forms. From the original found streetside to the modern and fusion jianbings you can now find in many countries, we love them all!
Jianbing is a savory traditional Chinese 'crepe' with a fried egg and other fillings that is traditionally found streetside. It's origins can be traced to Tianjin and Shandong province, but it is loved around China and now, more than ever, around the world.

2020 Theme: QuaranBing

A jianbing that has been procured via alternate methods and under difficult circumstances during this 'special time'.

Take a Jianbing Cooking Class

Shanghai's Only Jianbing Cooking Class!

The time has come to learn how to make a proper, authentic jianbing at home. Space is limited! We've got classes scheduled for: April 30 @ 6pm May 3 @ 10am


We’ve curated a collection of limited-time special dishes created just for World Jianbing day from our favorite chefs around Shanghai.

Shanghai Fu Er Dai Luxe Jianbing

Multigrain chive crepe wrapped around a salad of crabmeat, creme fraiche, and fine herbs, topped with sourdough bread tuile, and finished with an obscene dollop of sturgeon caviar. ¥888 - yes, you read that right! Available all week from 4/30-5/7.

1/F, 600 Zhongshan Dong Er Lu, near Longtan Lu
中山东二路600号1楼, 近龙潭路

The Jianbing Pizza Returns!

Signature sourdough crust, topped with tianmianjiang, cheese, and egg. Each order is sprinkled with pickled mustard greens, cilantro, and green onions, and customers can choose to add different crunchy toppings. Optional add-ons include ham, mortadella and pork floss.

Multiple locations, also available via delivery platforms

Puffy Bread Prosciutto Jianbing

Puffy bread added to its corn flour bing with freshly sliced prosciutto, cilantro, tianmianjiang, green onions, tomato, and a dash of mustard.

445 Jiangning Lu,
near Wuding Lu
江宁路445号, 近武定路


Palačinka Jianbing

Egg, cheese, ham, green salad, roasted paprika, and Jianbing crisp on an east-meets-west jianbing. ¥48. Available all day in shop, and includes a free soft drink with every order.

325-5 Taixing Lu,
near Beijing Xi Lu
泰兴路325号-5, 近北京西路

Mexican Jianbing

Jianbing batter is topped with chicharonnes, mexican chili paste, steak asado, mozzarella cheese, fried egg, bbq sauce, cilantro, and green onions.

Jing’an Location only
34 Yuyao Lu,
near Haifang Lu
余姚路34号1幢, 近海防路

Jianbing Cookie (!)

Using a simple egg and wheat flour base, this cookie starts off with a spread of savory jianbing sauce, crumbled crunchy wonton crackers on top, and cilantro, and it is finished off with an egg yolk and chili glaze.

Metrobank Driveway,
Rm 103, 1166 Yan’an Xi Lu,
near Panyu Lu (entrance on Panyu Lu)
延安西路1166号103室, 近番禺路


Triple Stack
Savory Jianbing

Eggy white bread, housemade Jianbing sauce, housemade chili sauce (optional), 13-spice powder, cracker crisp, roasted peanuts, lettuce, fresh scallions + cilantro, fried egg.

12 Xiangyang Bei Lu, near Julu Lu 襄阳北路12号, 近巨鹿路


2 Jianbing-Inspired

Roasted Pork neck w/ garlic sprouts, northern-style laobing w/ roast chili mojo
Pork belly vindaloo with kaffir leaf and bahn xeo

50 Wuyuan Lu,
near Changshu Lu
五原路50号, 近常熟路

NYC Deconstructed Jianbing Bagel

An open-faced everything bagel topped with candied spicy bacon, sriracha cream cheese, and a sunny side up egg. Garnished with green onions, cilantro, and garlic chili pepper sauce and served w/ everything bagel chips with a side of scallion cream cheese.

32 Yuyuan Dong Lu, near Changde Lu
愚园东路32号, 近常德路

Also Participating:

Naked Nut Butters

Naked Nut Butters released a Mala Peanut Butter Jianbing just for the occasion. Check it out!


Sidechef will be posting a free step-by-step recipe in their amazing app

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We're giving away a DIY jianbing kit that includes everything you need to make jianbing at home - plus you'll also get a jianbing blanket, and a digital cookbook!

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Jianbing Facts

What Exactly is Jianbing?

 Beijingers are known for their love of the jianbing, featuring a more substantial base and savory sauces, but Shanghai also serves up a delicious, albeit slightly crispier and sweeter version. With street food disappearing across China’s major cities, vendors are increasingly hard to find but always worth the effort to seek out! The perfect on-the-go meal, these thin crepes are fried on flat griddles with an egg, and then flecked with cilantro, green onions and pickled mustard tubers. Savory bean paste and fiery chili paste are slathered on to add depth and flavor, while a deep- fried wonton skin adds crunch (or substitute a youtiao 油条 – Chinese crueler for a bread-ier filling. There are also plenty of other regional variations and toppings available based on your preference and location. If you prefer your treats non-spicy, just ask for it “búlà (不辣)” and the vendor will forgo the chili.

World jianbing day 2019

More info about last year’s celebration, and a video from our prize-winning submission from Nicole Chan! For her glorious video love letter to Jianbing, Nicole won a year’s supply of jianbing. 

jianbing Map

Is there a jianbing in your country? If you don’t see your favorite spot on the map below, you can let us know on social media @UnTourFoodTours and #jianbingmap

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