Does Your Local Jianbing Vendor Earn More Than You?

Rumors have been swirling around the Chinese internet about jianbing makers wildly out-earning the entry-level, college-graduating youth of today. But how much of that is actually true? Netizens have been sharing stories about a Jianbing chef making 30,000 RMB a … Read More

Essential Vocabulary for Ordering Jianbing

If you’re sick of doing the old point and grunt routine when you’re at your local jianbing vendor in China, why not take a few minutes to learn some Mandarin that will help you look like a pro. It’s time. … Read More


[Recipe] Jianbing – Chinese Crepes

As one of the most popular breakfast choices in China, jianbing is a kind of “bing” that’s known as Chinese crepes – it’s always one of our guests’ favorite stops.  Scroll down to learn how to make your very own … Read More