Overcoming Jet Lag in Shanghai: Tips, Tricks and How to Deal

Shanghai is one of the most exciting places to visit on earth. But plan ahead; the time difference can take the edge off even the most thrilling sights. But don’t worry – overcoming jet lag is possible! These handy tips will have you getting the most out of your holiday in Shanghai in no time.

Stay Hydrated

When arriving in a different time zone, schedules, and routines must be changed accordingly. You will now eat, sleep and take prescribed medications during periods of time your body isn’t yet used to. Staying hydrated will minimize the mild symptoms that may ensue. Drinking lots of water when doing outdoor activities in the sun is especially important. If you forget to bring water when venturing from your hotel, it’s easy to pick up a bottle on the go from a convenience store.

Sleep strategically

Naps: Flights from the West are long and you may be tired when you land. Mindset is very important here; get excited for the long-awaited change of environment from the plane. After hours in a seatbelt, you are set free into a mecca for exploration and adventure. When you arrive at your hotel from the airport, resist the urge to lie down (unless you land late – then by all means, get right to sleep!). Powering through on your first day is clutch, so try to make it to your normal bedtime.

Medication: Bringing your sleeping medicine of choice (Melatonin, ZZZquil, REMfresh, etc) from your home country can help expedite your recovery from jet lag. Take your medication of choice right before bed. This will help fight off your body’s inclination to wake you up in the middle of the night.

Watch the Sunrise

Waking up before the crack of dawn does have its perks. One of the best ways to take advantage of that early morning wake-up is to take a jog over to the Bund to watch the sunrise over the spectacular Shanghai skyline. You’ll have one of the most crowded areas in the whole country all to yourself – plus those early morning sun rays coming over the Lujiazui skyline will help your circadian rhythms naturally start adjusting. And, if you’re lucky, you’ll get that Instagram-perfect shot of locals practicing tai chi framed against the Pearl Tower and the world’s second tallest building. Not a runner? No problem. Hop in a taxi and head there – the traffic will be non-existent at that time of day!

Grab a Delicious Breakfast

With few evening street food vendors left in the city center, this can be your best chance to get to taste the city’s best street food. What’s more, if you resisted the urge to eat in the middle of the night, you’ll be hungry AND help your internal clock normalize. This is a perfect opportunity to go on UnTour’s Street Eats Breakfast tour. You’ll meet our trusted vendors selling classic local dishes from freshly-made soymilk and fried dough to steaming baskets of the city’s finest soup dumplings and get some help navigating your way through the city.

Stay Patient

These tips will expedite recovery, but there is no quick cure to jet lag.  Don’t be too hard on yourself if you feel a little groggy for a few days. Be patient with your body. Give in to certain impulses and do your best to control others – if you’re here on business, jet lag can be the perfect excuse to duck out of a boring meeting…  But whatever you do, never check what time it is in your home time zone!

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