Old Jesse Shanghai Ordering Guide – In Pictures!

UPDATED: The Old Jesse ordering guide was updated in January 2024 by the amazing guides of the UnTour Shanghai team. 
Looking for where to eat when you’re visiting Shanghai (besides our top-rated food tours?) Old Jesse is a delicious Shanghai institution, and we have an ordering guide to ensure you’ll get the best dishes from the 100+ options on their menu. 
This pictorial ordering guide is great for the Mandarin-disinclined, although there is English on the menu, so don’t fret too much about going. Just be sure to have someone help you make a reservation well in advance – and pre-order the dishes noted with an asterisk below as you can’t order them on the day. And if you’re looking for a vegetarian options, see our Old Jesse Vegetarian Ordering Guide here. 

Recommended Appetizers:

Fuzhu qiang mogu. 腐竹炝蘑菇. Yuba, or tofu skin, stir-fried with mushrooms, cilantro/coriander, and chilis – but this is not even slightly spicy. The chilis are for color. This dish has converted many a tofu hater!

Bai ye bao 百叶包 (Tofu sheets wrapped around round pork and shepherd’s purse, a local green). 

Xin tai ruan 心太软 (literal translation is “the heart is too soft) it is glutinous rice stuffed in a date.

Tangcu paigu 糖醋排骨 (sweet and sour pork ribs) this is a very popular Shanghai dish that is usually served as an appetizer.

Xianji 咸鸡 (salted chicken) this is served cold and can also be eaten as both an appetizer or main.

Recommended Mains:

Hexia 河虾 are teeny tiny freshwater shrimp sautéed lightly and will pair with vinegar.

Hongshaorou 红烧肉 (red-braised pork) is a very popular Shanghai dish comprised of pork belly and soy sauce with hard boiled eggs. Must try Shanghai dish. (You can also get the hongshao braised pork shank instead of belly if you like a leaner cut, but this requires ordering in advance.  (红烧蹄膀, hóngshāo tí pang)

*Congkao yutou 葱烤鱼头 (cod fish head braised with green onions)  -this fish head is one of this restaurant’s most famous dish and you should always order a day in advance or when reserving. Its a bit more pricey than some other dishes, but def worth it. 
Doumiao 豆苗  (sauteed pea tips) are the tender shoots of a pea sprout. YUM!


Old Jesse Recommended Staple Dishes:

Scallion oil noodles (葱油拌面) – a good way to round out the main dishes
Vegetable rice (菜饭 – cai fan. This is just rice cooked with vegetable- you can order this or just white rice ‘白饭’ baifan ).
*And if it’s hairy crab season, definitely get the hairy crab roe mixed with rice (蟹粉拌饭).
Address: 41 Tianping Lu, near Huaihai Lu; 天平路41号近淮海中路
Telephone: +86 21 6282 9260
Hours: 11am-2:30am

After lunch (or before dinner) you can meander up Wukang Road to look at some of the old beautiful houses and architecture there as well as a free little museum that gives you a little history of the buildings on that road. Before you cross Huai Hai Road, there’s an apartment building that is that you’ll see that is very iconic building designed by Hudec architect. Here’s the wiki link. Definitely check it out!

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