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Meet Chelsea: Shanghai Dinner Guide

Name: Chelsea Chan, Shanghai Dinner Guide Age: 28 Nationality: Dutch Dutch born Chinese, Asian foodie, spice lover, bachelor in International Business, master in Marketing, lived in the Netherlands, Portugal, Hong Kong and China. Speaks Dutch, English, Cantonese and Mandarin. Basic … Read More

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How to Spend 72 Hours in Shanghai? With UnTour!

Katie Wright of The Irish Examiner didn’t get a visa when she came to Shanghai. She took advantage of the 72 Hour Visa-Free Program and spent several of those hours with UnTour, experiencing the Hands-On Dumpling Delights food tour. If … Read More

Audrey Voyage: “My Food Tour of Shanghai in La Presse”

Journalist Audrey Voyage joined UnTour Shanghai for our Street Eats – Breakfast food tour. She wrote about the experience in French at La Presse and then translated it to English for her blog. Here’s an excerpt: In between delicious stops where we … Read More

Where to Eat in Ji’nan, Shandong

Located a few hours away by train from Shanghai, Ji’nan is the capital of the Shandong province. Known for it’s artesian springs within the metro area, Ji’nan also has a vibrant history (it was first settled over 4000 years ago), and a … Read More

Where to Eat in Chengdu

Love spicy food? Sichuan is the province to beat in China for fiery fare. The region’s ideal geographical features make it a perfect site for foraging and growing great produce, and UNESCO recognized the the city as a “City of Gastronomy” in … Read More