hairy crab

Where to Eat Hairy Crab in Shanghai

In late autumn and early winter, Shanghai goes crazy for hairy crabs (大闸蟹 dàzháxiè). Named for their furry claws, these local crustaceans have sweet meat and rich, custardy roe – both of which are bulked up at this time of … Read More

New Tour Alert: Shanghai Hairy Crab Feast

Back by popular demand, the second annual Hairy Crab Feast takes place only when the crustaceans are at peak flavor! You’ll discover the delicious reasons why China goes crazy for these crabs two months every year as we sample whole … Read More

New Seasonal Tour: Shanghai Hairy Crab Feast!

Autumn’s arrival means one thing in Shanghai: hairy crab season. A local delicacy known for its sweet flavor, impenetrable shell and shaggy claws worthy of a Just So story, Shanghai hairy crab and its famous roe are only in season during the ninth … Read More