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Shanghai Daily Coverage of UnTour Shanghai!

UnTour Shanghai was recently featured in Shanghai’s major English-language daily newspaper, Shanghai Daily. While the article sort of confuses the fact that running sightseeing tours and food tours are COMPLETELY SEPARATE activities, it’s nice to see the mention in the … Read More

We Love Our UnTour Running Guests

And based on their feedback, they are loving us right back. We’ll post a few food tour reviews we’ve gotten in the next few days, but here are just a few things the runners have to say! What a fabulous … Read More

Shanghai Runner Completes More than 100 Marathons

For charity, managing to raise a ton of money! Swoon! Well, he’s not exactly a Shanghai native, but he did teach English here prior to working his way counter-clockwise around Britain in 26.2 mile increments,  meaning he must have done … Read More