Foodie Flashcards: Scallion Pancakes

scallion pancake, congyoubing, mandarin chinese

Hungry to improve your Chinese vocabulary, but don’t know where to dig in? Welcome to our weekly Foodie Flashcard series. Follow along, study these morsels of knowledge, then dig in at your local restaurant to fully digest the information.

How to say ‘Scallion Pancake’ in Mandarin Chinese

Scallion pancakes, congyoubing, mandarin chinese

What is it?

Scallion oil pancakes (葱油饼, cōngyóubǐng) are a common breakfast treat in Shanghai. The little savory rounds are stuffed with salty pork and scallions and slicked with lard before being fried, then roasted to create the ultimate street food. You’ll find queues of hungry diners waiting at the vendors who don’t cut corners.

Where To Find Scallion Pancakes In Shanghai:

A Da Congyoubing 阿大葱油饼 
#4, 120 Ruijin Er Lu, by Yongjia Lu

Metro: Line 1/10/12 – South Shaanxi Rd

Where To Find Scallion Pancakes In Beijing:

Dongsi Minfang Restaurant 东四民芳餐厅
79-2 Chaoyangmen Nei Dajie
Metro: Line 2 – Chaoyangmen

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